Case Studies

The Four Pillars in action

How we use our expertise to help our clients

Some of our clients have been with us for more than 30 years. We work with multiple generations of many families. Why? Because we do the work – well.

“Mark could put things on cruise control, but he does not want to do that. He wants to put more energy and time into it, and that is great. And it keeps him happy and healthy, which is always nice to see.”

– Rob Carter, CFP, CLU – Regional Vice-President, iA Financial Group


Approaching retirement, looking to build wealth and protect family assets.

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Steve had a sizeable account, consisting of RSP, TFSA, and a cash investment account, with another advisory firm. He had become accustomed to low to no service, and a revolving line of account reps.

When he finally allowed us to compare and point out that he had anemic growth, was over-diversified, and had not maxed out RSP or TFSA from his cash account, he transferred his entire holdings to us. The end result? Steve’s rate of return has greatly increased, we have been far more tax effective, and we have enabled him to improve his estate plan with the use of segregated funds.


Married with children, looking for simplified asset management.

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Lisa had investment assets with one of the investment arms of BigBank. Over the years, she had amassed over 40 different stocks, and a lot of trades. This resulted in lengthy and expensive tracking of account activity by her accountant.

We pointed out the strong returns from our portfolios, and the fact that T3 slips are issued from insurance companies, thereby eliminating any 3rd party tracking of account activity. Lisa has benefited from the performance of our portfolios, and eliminated unnecessary expense.


Received an inheritance, needed assistance to manage the family legacy.

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A novice investor, Sue is happy with her RSP results with our firm. She inherited some money in February 2020, and called us in March, recognizing it was an opportunity to invest. Her rate of return in the subsequent year was substantial.

Corporate family

A family business, with all members involved, experienced a sudden death. Our firm has been instrumental in handling their financial affairs.

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This family experienced a tragic unexpected death. Our team had been involved with helping this family plan their business, and personal insurance and investment portfolios, for the previous 25 years. The end result?

All investments transferred seamlessly over to the surviving spouse within two weeks, due to the fact that segregated funds allow for direct payment to the named beneficiary, bypassing the estate. Life insurance policies were settled in the same time frame, creating liquidity for the business and everyday necessities. We were able to remove a financial burden from this family when it mattered most.

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