Vice President

Katherine McKenzie

Katherine Mckenzie of Bull Financial

“Katherine’s enthusiasm is infectious.”

Katherine is both a Financial Advisor and Mortgage Agent LV2 with a passion for empowering businesses, individuals, and families to achieve their financial dreams since 2010.

She found by combining her financial acumen to work with clients on all sides of the balance sheet (helping with both debts as well as wealth creation), plus helping them to mitigate their risks, has made such a difference in her clients’ lives.

Katherine is committed to building strong client relationships based on trust, transparency, and a deep understanding of individual needs. She is also passionate about helping clients achieve financial security and peace of mind.

Her dedication extends beyond the office as well. She actively participates in community initiatives and causes that she believes in. Being a spouse of a first responder, you can often find Katherine supporting other first responders as well. After all, it is like one large unique family.

Katherine is a lifelong learner and comes from a unique background, having spent her early years in the world of art as a former touring singer/musician and being a graduate in Health Sciences and Business. Katherine brings a unique blend of creativity and analytical skills to her work in the financial industry.

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