Administrative Assistant

Sandra Lance

She jumped in when nobody would.

It was at a Shoppers Drug Mart. A fellow customer was having a heart attack, and no one was moving to help. So she gave the man CPR and yelled at someone to call 911. Paramedics arrived, and the man flatlined more than once – but survived.

And Sandra still has the humility to say, “There is nothing special about me.” She will admit, however, to being someone who never passes the buck. To being a problem solver. To going above and beyond for anyone – clients, family, friends, strangers – who needs help. 

If there is an injured bird at the side of the road, Sandra will want to save it. If someone is down and out, she will drop off a care package. At Bull Financial since 2016, she provides customer service in support of group benefits and life insurance claims, which fundamentally is about finding solutions. Clients may need to make a beneficiary or banking change. Or they might be at the drugstore, unable for some reason to get a prescription covered by their plan – so Sandra will get on the phone and straighten things out with the insurer. 

Born and raised in Toronto, Sandra has lived in Durham Region since she was 16, and worked in the new business department of a major insurer for 20 years. A mother, grandmother, canoeist, hiker and animal lover, she describes her life as revolving around caring for people and pets: “I like being able to make them feel comfortable.”

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